Playing the sales headcount game.

3rd October 2021

Playing the sales headcount  game. How many sales people do I need? It’s one of those 64 thousand dollar questions that everyone needs an answer to.

Read then Lead – The Top Books for New Sales Leaders

6th March 2021

Nearly a third of people in the UK say they don’t read in their free time yet statistics show most CEOs and executives actually read an average of 4-5 books per month. So the leaders, the ground breakers, the innovators and the product makers find great value in picking up a book. The same applies […]

Would your sales people pay using their own money for the time they spend with you?

7th September 2011

Would your team pay using their own money for the time they send with you? Many years ago, upon my promotion to first line sales management my boss gave me some great advice. More accurately he gave me 2 questions to constantly ask myself.