We help companies to achieve sustainable organic growth through unifying purpose, people and process.

The scope of our engagement starts with a clear definition of your sales growth objectives. We will then benchmark the existing strategy and develop practical options for the most effective growth.

Once the workstreams and measurements are defined, we deploy consulting, training, process engineering and coaching within a proven change management framework.

Our capability

Our expertise has helped us deliver impact for our clients across a range of sales enablement challenges:

How we can help

Driving organic growth requires a dynamic sales process. This means a framework for aligning sales force capability, opportunity and account management, activity and resource planning around the sales funnel, forecasting processes and your wider sales enablement environment.

If you already have a sales process, we can help optimise its deployment, adoption and contribution to your revenue and forecast accuracy.

If you would like support in designing your sales process, we can build a customised sales process and implementation plan that scales across your business to drive predictable organic growth.

Our engagements are a sustained partnership that will help you select, design, implement and execute the right sales enablement services for your business.

Padeda played an integral part in transforming our sales function through the effective role out of a range of new sales methodologies. They listened to, challenged and understood our go to market strategy and then delivered the single most valuable piece of training and leadership support my sales team and I have received. The result is quite simply more sales and increased odds of winning.

Andrew Birch – SVP Global Enterprise Sales - Thomsons Online Benefits

Our approach


‘Seek first to understand, then be understood’  Dr. Stephen R. Covey

We start by getting to know the unique structure of your business. Once we’re up to speed we use a number of global sales enablement benchmarks and research tools that provide data rich insights to your leadership and allows them to take meaningful decisions. The only reliable way to analyse your sales organisation is through the lens of your customers’ buying journey, overlaid with the buying complexity. We help companies identify those work-streams to bring a real impact on customer experience and sales growth.


‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader’   John Quincy Adams

We use our insights to help you prioritise. But we won’t just stop there. We work closely with corporate leadership teams to help them through the planned changes. Every member of the Padeda team is a hands-on expert in their field and we have played a pivotal role in hundreds of implementations – ranging from training or introducing a new CRM, to a complete sales culture change. We have learned how we can make a difference – which is why we will guide your leaders and front line sales managers throughout the entire journey.


‘Managers may be tempted to declare victory with the first clear performance improvement’  Professor John P. Kotter

Nothing undermines change more than when company leaders declare success too early. Our job is to help your business sustain the changes you have chosen until they become part of your organisational muscle. We stay actively involved to help drive new behaviours and sales growth, through relentless focus on the high impact activities for your sales people and sales managers.

We also partner with renowned global providers of the latest tools, process and technology for coaching, learning and reinforcement – to ensure the results are long term.

The reason I work with Padeda is because I need a team with extensive experience in setting up change programs and who are deeply familiar with our business. What I like most about the team is their passion and commitment to their job. The quality of their work is extremely high. I am the client and Padeda is my partner. I can always count on them 100 percent!

Wim Stoffelen – Director Sales Training and Development International Division - Abbott